The guarantee for our work and equipment is an indicator of the professionalism of our employees. When contacting us, she is interested in every client, since most of the small firms are not ready to account. We do not allow this, being completely confident in the high quality of lighting and the correct installation.


Guarantee is necessary for everyone


Designing is carried out even by private designers. They try to cope with all the requirements, but individual standards require careful expenditure. Specialists are engaged in both production and living quarters, ensuring maximum accuracy of installation and connection.

After the completion of work and delivery of the object, our company makes out a guarantee. Through it, a long-term operation without any necessary repairs is confirmed, as well as high-quality performance of the assigned tasks. And the optimal result is achieved by a person when ordering complex turn-key services that give an ideal room from the point of view of illumination.


Terms of guarantee


Being engaged in several directions at once, our company provides various warranty terms. Professionals always work for the result, not trying to shorten the time by reducing the quality. What kind of guarantees do we provide?


  • Equipment - up to five years;
  • On projects - up to two years.


Our clients are well aware that in many of their projects specialists prefer to turn to their own production. Unique developments allow to achieve individual design and accounting of all necessary technical characteristics. Mounted equipment receives a guarantee of serviceability for 5 years, which often surprises customers.

Designing employees is carried out on the basis of existing state standards. This made possible a free connection to the common electrical network, as well as unification with other equipment. Careful calculations allow masters to freely cope with the work, putting a minimum of effort. For this reason, we are also given a 2-year guarantee on projects. She suggests that if there are no changes and the correct implementation of all the details, the finished system will remain in working condition for a long time.

Our company has tremendous resources. With the help of them, specialists manage to cope with the complex wishes of customers. After that, original projects and high-quality lighting devices appear. Providing a guarantee, we once again tell people that it's worth to turn to professionals, and not to try to save a penny, at the risk of encountering incorrect calculations or poor-quality installation.