Permit documentation

Before starting the installation of lighting it is necessary to pass a lot of checks. This problem remains urgent, therefore our company offers its customers the design of permits. Experts prepare the projects in advance, taking into account all the requirements, ensuring their quick confirmation.


What is the permit documentation?


Permit documentation for the project - papers indicating full compliance with existing state standards. Usually, you have to apply to the authorities for registration, but our specialists deal with similar issues on their own.

During the verification, calculations are made to ensure that the current requirements are not violated during installation or connection. Due to this, the high characteristics of each room are maintained for a long service life. This fact suggests that state bodies take every plan seriously, without allowing any connivance.


How useful is our help?


The help of specialists of our company eliminates the additional difficulties that people usually have to face. Why waste time waiting for verification and subsequent correction of errors? It is much more practical to use professional services that preclude such consequences. What is the useful support?


  • Reduction of the terms of receipt;
  • No corrections in the projects;
  • Full preparation of papers.


Now before the installation of lighting there will be no delays. Experienced designers in advance study the project to the smallest detail, eliminating errors and possible corrections. As a result, the terms of implementation are significantly shortened, since work can be started immediately.

Excluding the corrections, we simplified the process of ordering the right materials. Immediately after receiving the finished project, you can order the delivery without worrying about excess volumes. It is much more practical to act in this way, so as not to face empty waste.

Completely fulfilling the preparation of documents, we remove from customers the need for a collision with verification. This we can once again confirm the professionalism of employees, whose project always coincides with the requirements. Because of what all claims to skills of the designer disappear.

Our company has been involved in licensing documentation for a long time. Experts quickly cope with the design of documents, as projects always meet the requirements. For this reason, clients freely start work without passing a regular state audit, which is considered compulsory.