Lighting design

Designing lighting is an indispensable stage in creating comfortable conditions in any room. Our company offers clients a set of actions aimed at a comprehensive assessment of the network condition and subsequent optimization. Usually people try to cope with a difficult task on their own, but make an unforgivable mistake. Only professionals correctly select the right luminosity, as well as a place for mounting this or that element.


Diagnosis and energy audit


The application of modern techniques by our specialists allows us to conduct a detailed energy audit of any premises. A complete diagnosis provides accurate data on energy consumption, and also allows you to assess the lack of illumination in a particular area. This information is used as a basis for further optimization.

Previously, a set of measures was ordered only for large manufacturing enterprises. Today we offer to use the services even in a city apartment. The cosiness in the house depends directly on the lighting, as well as the general utility costs of the person. Our experts will take the case to find an erroneous location, and then move the sources or replace them with others.

After the energy audit ends, the design receives the necessary data to be used when selecting each source. Without them, it is impossible to assess the current state that requires recycling. So the preliminary stage remains a priority for a professional, focused on creating better conditions in the room.


Development of the concept and design of lighting


After receiving preliminary information, the development of the basic concept begins. In some cases, muted light or comparison with natural sources, such as windows, is required. It includes a selection of principles that will later fall into the finished project of lighting the room.

The concept may seem simple and understandable in words, but when it is embodied in reality, different nuances should be considered. Our company offers the services of specialists who have been engaged in years both in production and living quarters. They possess precious experience, allowing quickly to compare the wishes of the client with modern resources in order to get a bright result.

A ready-made concept makes it possible to proceed to create a lighting design. It depends on the style of the surrounding space and functionality. So, when you need to provide bright room lighting, it is not necessary to look for a large chandelier. It is often more advantageous to use the installation of several point or ceiling luminaires in certain places. This is guaranteed to change the interior, but will meet the requirements for the overall luminosity.


Designing the selection of lighting


Having finished with the concept and design, the specialists pass to the design and selection of lighting. Each source is important, so the professional is serious about the calculations in order to achieve the desired result. Now there are a lot of options on the market, but not all of them are suitable for the concept. Because of what we have to compare the various nuances, going to success.

The initial design is based on the received data. It includes the exact location of the installation, as well as the necessary brightness and type of source. A schematic drawing gives sufficient information for the masters, but their work begins only after the final preparation.

After the design, optimal lighting is selected. On the one hand, it must meet the established requirements, and on the other - to reduce the total costs of man. Our company uses its own resources, so some species are non-standard. This fact once again indicates the meaninglessness of independent efforts, when it is necessary to be based only on popular models.


Calculation of illumination


Then we calculate the illumination. The finished project provides sufficient information to verify the correctness of the task. Our company is guided by the current standards of illumination of various premises. Due to this, it is possible to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of energy resources in their own home.

Calculation of illumination - a kind of verification of the finished project. It must meet the requirements, but also provide ease of installation and standard indicators for each source. It is not always possible to achieve such results from the first time, therefore the specialists continue their work. If some data indicate that an additional change is available, it must be done.

Employees of the company have extensive experience, which allows them to take seriously the details. Using it, they manage to minimize electricity costs, while simultaneously increasing the illumination of the premises.
The process takes some time and requires mandatory departure to the object, but the end result always exceeds the customer's expectations.


Design and manufacture of lighting fixtures


When designing, our company specialists refuse from standard models of luminaires. With their help, it is rarely possible to optimize the consumption of electricity without loss of illumination, so we prefer a different approach. The ideal result is possible only with a personal production and a perfect design department. Through the knowledge of our employees, we produce fantastic sources that have the best technical characteristics.

The development of fixtures is a complex stage, showing the design skills of the company's specialists. First, the requirements for luminosity, design and installation method are established. Based on these data, it is possible to prepare original models that perfectly fit into the overall design. And they are categorically different from the standards presented in popular manufacturers' catalogs.

The production of lamps is one of our main directions. We are engaged in the manufacture of models that comply with applicable standards, as well as internal development. The original approach and all the necessary technical resources make it possible to achieve the goal, regardless of its complexity. For this reason, experts prefer to abandon the traditional options in advance, focusing on their own capabilities.


Installation and installation


Some people believe that installing and connecting lighting sources is a simple task. They continue to refuse professional services, making minor gaffes. Subsequently, because of them, the project is violated, and in some cases there are breakdowns. Our company is engaged in installation in accordance with the standards, so the result is an ideal project.

When installing specialists take into account the features of each lamp, and use their own experience. They manage to exclude breakdowns and repairs for many years so that customers do not have to face unexpected problems. We work with any surfaces, freely coping with the installation and in concrete, and in plasterboard, and in stretch ceilings. For professionals, there is no difference that can affect the principles of work.

After installation, the connection is made. This is the last crucial stage, carried out with a thorough check. Nobody will simply twist the wires and wrap them with electrical tape, experts base themselves on the latest technologies, applying modern tools and materials in practice. A serious approach to work allows you to get the most reliable result, which remains unchanged for many years.

Having completed the work, the masters must check the efficiency of each light source. After that, a guarantee is issued, which indicates the accounting of necessary requirements and compliance with a confirmed project. Our company makes no mistakes, because of what gets the best recommendations from numerous grateful customers.