Order and delivery

The delivery of the finished project for us does not end the cooperation with the client. Our company provides a variety of services, including the purchase and supply of everything necessary for the execution of the planned works. Usually, customers need to deal with this step on their own or refer to third parties. We propose to continue mutually beneficial relations in order to speed up the installation and connection of equipment.


Work with lighting under the key


The delivery of goods is an additional service that is part of the complex of our actions. When we are working on a turn-key basis, specialists first thoroughly work on the project, make a detailed work plan, and then carry out the order of additional equipment and are engaged in installation.

Lighting in the production or in the living quarters will no longer create any problems. Previously, customers had to intervene in the process, carrying out the order and delivery of equipment. Our company is ready to rid them of this, having independently coped with the task. Experts have all the necessary knowledge to achieve better results.


What do complex services provide?


Providing comprehensive services is our help to clients. Why understand the complex requirements for the lighting devices specified in the project? It's easier to leave this task to professionals. Why are services needed?


  • Exact selection of the necessary equipment;
  • Own production;
  • Accelerated delivery of quality equipment.


Experts are engaged in the creation of projects, that's why they manage to select the necessary technical characteristics as much as possible. This condition remains one of the main advantages, because customers are rarely ready to go through the numbers. Professionals perfectly know their business and will not make mistakes.

Our company is also engaged in its own production. In any case, part of the lighting equipment will have to be ordered from us, when a unique project is being prepared. Accordingly, the appeal to third parties will turn into a waste of time.

The delivery of the necessary equipment will be accelerated several times, if the delivery of goods will be engaged by our specialists. We constantly cooperate with several well-known brands, whose quality is well known. Due to this, you do not have to do long checks before installation.

Our company is constantly engaged in the supply of goods for the implementation of the project. If you want to get better quality work with lighting, it's better to transfer all the work to the hands of professionals. Turnkey services are much more profitable, faster and more practical, which allows customers to get excellent results in a short time.